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White House travel report 2a - text of memo

From: Emily Goodin Date: November 24, 2021 at 8:43:28 PM EST To: Wranglers , "Perez, Angela D. EOP/WHO" Subject: [EXTERNAL] White House travel report 2a - text of memo The White House reminds your pooler they cant send out attachments. The text from the attachment is below and I tweeted out the memo document at >https://twitter.com/emilylgoodin/status/XXX-XXX-XXXX014326274?s=21< The following is released with permission of the patient. As previously reported in my 19 November 2021 memorandum, President Biden had a benign appearing 3 mm polyp removed from his ascending colon. The specimen was sent for histologic examination. The excised specimen has been identified as a tubular adenoma. This is similar to the polyp which he had removed in 2008. A tubular adenoma is a benign, slow-growing. but thought to be potentially pre-cancerous lesion for which no further action is required at this time. Routine surveillance is recommended for this finding. Typically, repeat colonoscopy in 7 to 10 years is recommended. Respectfully submitted, Kevin C. O Connor. D.O, FAAIP Physician to the President Associate Professor, The George Washington University School of Medicine & Ilealth Sciences ******************************* Emily Goodin Senior U.S. Political Reporter, DailyMail.com M: XXX-XXX-XXXX T: >https://Twitter.com/emilylgoodin< Disclaimer This e-mail and any attached files are intended for the named addressee only. It contains information, which may be confidential and legally privileged and also protected by copyright. Unless you are the named addressee (or authorised to receive for the addressee) you may not copy or use it, or disclose it to anyone else. If you received it in error please notify the sender immediately and then delete it from your system. Associated Newspapers Ltd. Registered Office: Northcliffe House, 2 Derry St, Kensington, London, W8 5TT. Registered No 84121 England.