Editorial Policy

Last updated February 13, 2021


We want to make the world a better informed place.

We believe providing concise updates from reporters you can trust is key to accomplishing this. We want to inform, not overwhelm.

The policies in this document outline our commitment to the highest editorial quality and the standards to which we hold all partners.

As a Forth reporting partner, I accept and agree to the following:

  • Pursue the truth without fear or favor, no matter where the reporting leads
  • Uncovering facts and present them in context with what we know to be true
  • Present information in a fair and unbiased manner. That does not mean, however, drawing moral equivalencies where none exist.
  • Refrain from using hate speech or bullying language unless it is necessary context for the telling of the story itself
  • Use of anonymous sources must be OK'd by newsroom leadership or, in the case of independent journalists, Forth's Standards Team
  • Reporting on leaked, hacked or stolen documents must be OK'd by newsroom leadership or, in the case of independent journalists, Forth's Standards Team
  • Present original reporting where possible. We believe those closest to the story should be the ones telling it.

I understand the following may lead to suspension and or removal from the platform:

  • Deliberate publication of misinformation
  • Plagiarism or fabrication of information
  • Failure to adhere to Forth Editorial Standards
  • Two editorial errors within six (6) months will result in account suspension
  • Any inaccuracy will be corrected swiftly and have the correction appended to content where the original error appeared regardless of when the item was published

A Note About Our Partners

All partners are selected by our team. We select partners based on their proven ability to provide credible, trustworthy, authoritative and accurate information to audiences. We bring on only the best-in-class journalists and newsrooms to Forth.

Although every newsroom and individual reporter adheres to their and/or her own set of standards, Forth expects all partners to abide by our publishing criteria.

In some cases, Forth has partnered with trusted organizations like the Associated Press and other syndicated storytellers. Although we do not have direct control over their posts, we have reviewed their reporting policies and believe them to be inline with our own. We will regularly review the track records of these partners to make sure they continue to uphold our standards.

You may contact the Editorial Team at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.