Editorial Policy


We want to make the world a more informed place.

We believe everyone should have easy access to credible and trustworthy information. On Forth, you can only find the facts. We’re a platform built by journalists for an audience tired of endlessly scrolling to find what’s important and why it matters. It’s also why only journalists can publish on Forth.

Our goal is to make credible and trustworthy news easy to find and understand -- all in one place. Our expert Editorial Team made up of award-winning journalists selects each editorial partner after a rigorous editorial review. Our custom threaded-reporting approach allows audiences to stay up-to-date without feeling overwhelmed. They also offer an unprecedented look into the reporting process that we hope will aid in promoting transparency.

We believe a healthy press is crucial to a thriving democracy. As such, we partner with newsrooms rather than exploit them. We want to maximize journalists’ reporting time by helping streamline newsroom workflows, and we work with them to find new revenue streams to support their important work.

The policies in this document outline our commitment to the highest editorial quality and the standards to which we hold all partners.


All partners are selected by our team. We select partners based on their proven ability to provide credible, trustworthy authoritative and accurate information to audiences. We bring on only the best-in-class journalists and newsrooms to Forth.

Although every newsroom and individual reporter adheres to their and her own set of standards, has her own set of standards, Forth expects all partners to abide by our publishing criteria.

We and our partners are committed to uncovering facts and presenting those in context with what we know to be true.

We require our partners to present information in a fair and unbiased manner. That does not mean, however, drawing moral equivalencies where none exist.

We also require that newsrooms and reporters on the platform refrain from using hate speech or bullying language unless it is necessary context for the telling of the story itself.

We value original reporting over aggregation. We believe those closest to the story should be the ones telling it. That means we elevate those who are on the ground or well sourced subject-matter experts.

We discourage newsrooms and reporters from aggregating information on and believe citations to outside publications should be used only when crediting a reputable outlet for exclusive reporting that it’s completed. If information within a story cannot be matched, it should either a) not be included in the report or b) explicitly state that such reporting could not be independently verified.

We welcome feedback from our readers, especially those who feel we could approach our coverage in another way.

Our partners agree that:

News partners can be associated with media outlets or be unaffiliated freelance individual journalists. We do not onboard journalists that are funded by or otherwise backed by political interests that could impact coverage or give the appearance of biased.


Deliberate attempts to publish misleading information is strictly prohibited. This is defined as the willful attempt by any reporter or organization to knowingly publish information that is known to be inaccurate or not reportable. Violation of this rule is cause for immediate termination from the platform.

Any partner who participates in plagiarism or fabrication of information will be removed from the platform.

Should this occur, we will publish retractions to the same audience explaining exactly what happened, and the steps we have taken to prevent it from happening again.


Mistakes happen. But we incentivize our partners to ensure they happen less frequently by keeping track. We will factor in frequency and severity of mistakes as we weigh the future of our partnership.

Regardless of individual editorial policies, we require that any incorrect reporting that changes the nature of the story will have a published correction.


In some cases, Forth has partnered with trusted organizations like the Associated Press and other syndicated storytellers. Although we do not have direct control over their posts, we have reviewed their reporting policies and believe them tothem it to be inline with our own. We will regularly review the track records of these partners to make sure they continue to uphold our standards.

AP: News Values and Principles:

You may contact the Editorial Team at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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